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Marten Jonsson – Update from USA

Me and Jake in Fort Myers, Florida during Springbreak


Everything is working fine with both school and tennis even though we are in a tough period of matches and practices. We are at the moment half way true the season. The team is overall 2-6 in matches. The indoor season is over and the conference play is about to start. We played the first matches outdoors in Florida during springbreak last week. I am excited to play outdoor and play conference matches now. I am hoping to keep my momentum in both singels and doubles during the second half of our season. I am overall 13-3 in matches, 6-2 in singels and 7-1 in doubles together with Jacob Tanulanond. Jacob and I are playing very well at the moment. The team seems to be in good shape and everyone want to finnish the season strong and get some wins. Go Cougars!
Over and out!

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  • Jocke O

    Vi som inte kan engelska har ju svårt att förstå detta ;)

  • http://www.4-klovern.se ola

    Ska bli kul att få träffa dig! Bara att trycka plattan i mattan året ut nu =)

  • Gas

    Ska bli kul a se dig ocksa Enberg!! Ska forsoka halla formen uppe! // Birger Folke